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Welcome to Funca!

Funca is a method and a tool for working with challenging behaviors, and coercion or restrictive methods, in places and facilities where adult people who have autism, intellectual disability, or brain damage, reside.

Challenging behaviors, such as self-harm, and agitation, can cause harm to the person who exhibits them, as well as for staff encountering them. It is therefore important to have a structured and comprehensive, yet easy, method for preventing and reducing these behaviors.

Funca consists of analysis, planning and evaluation. The first part is behavior analysis using NPI-ID (Neuropsychiatric Inventory – Intellectual Disability), which consists of 14 behaviors and symptoms. Some of these are anxiety, sleep disorder, apathy, irritability, dysphoria/depression, and abberant motor behavior. NPI-ID outlines the frequency and severity of these behaviors. NPI-ID is the first assessment tool in Sweden for this group to be validated.

The next part of analysis covers basic needs, such as stomach functions, hearing, and communication. It also covers possible reasons for challenging behaviors, e.g. pain, unstructured routines, the levels of demand on the person, and environmental variables. Part of the analysis is outlining if, and which, restrictive or coercive methods are used in the facilities, such as restricted phone use, or locked doors. The last part of the analysis is pharmaceutical, since studies have shown this group to be overrepresented concerning psychotropic and neuroleptic medication. At the moment, subsequent evaluation of medication is often overlooked, which means that individuals may have both negative outcomes as well as unwanted side effects from medication.

Funca also provides guidance with planning support interventions and an individual plan for interaction with the person at hand. All variables and proposed interventions in Funca are evidence-based and relevant in approaching challenging behaviors. Funca recommends multiprofessional teams, which is a gain factor when working with these behaviors. Since the process is done continuously, it provides evaluation of the interventions employed. Before starting with Funca, the staff need to attend a training course.

With Funca, staff and the person at hand are able to work together in a structured manner. The Funca tool is web based, which allows the units working with Funca to pull statistics from their data. This provides a way to easily analyze said data and use it for improvements in the facility, the municipality, the region, and the country.

Funca has been operating since September 2016 and is in use throughout several regions of Sweden.

Contact: funca.sus@skane.se

For more information, please watch our information video about Funca. It is subtitled in English, just press the setting button and choose English.